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For American companies VMS can assist in managing the interface between them and their European customers and suppliers.  Often this interface is less than optimal because of the language and cultural differences.
VMS can help you to overcome these barriers, for instance by acting as the intermediary, as this will allow both sides to communicate in their own language in the way they are used to.

For European companies we can do the same thing.  For example VMS can provide a better understanding of the regional differences that exist within the United States, which may assist European companies with establishing or expanding their business in the United States. 

Finally, VMS can act as the (North) American or US representative of European companies, either temporarily (e.g. to get the business started) or on a permanent basis.  In case of the latter, VMS will set up a separate entity, such as VMS-Geomil, to provide American clients with a clear identity of their European partner.