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Our activities are concentrated in 3 areas:

  • General Business & Project Management Services
  • Geotechnical Equipment and Practices
  • Oil & Gas Projects

These activities can be summarized as follows:

Very few managerial issues are new: others have experienced them before and ways to address these issues most effectively have not only been found, but also documented.  VMS has the knowledge and experience to assist you with your managerial issues:  the knowledge of which solutions are available for particular problems and the experience to know which of these solutions would provide the optimal outcome for your organization.


VMS can provide detailed recommendations regarding geotechnical equipment and practices, especially in the area of foundation testing and (seismic) cone penetration testing (SCPT).

We have partnered with Allnamics in The Netherlands for foundation testing, Geomil in The Netherlands for CPT equipment, and BCE in Canada for data acquisition systems for downhole seismic testing and the seismic data analysis software.
We have also established two discussion groups on LinkedIn to cover both CPT and Seismic CPT: the CPT Cone Penetration Testing group and the Seismic Cone Penetration Testing (SCPT) group.


At a time when the pricing of hydrocarbons is uncertain (with distinct possibilities to make substantial moves in either direction) executing Oil & Gas projects is challenging.  VMS can not only assist you in generating the right development strategy for your mineral assets, but also provide the project management services to implement this strategy on time and within budget.