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We have also established two discussion groups on LinkedIn to cover both CPT and Seismic CPT: the CPT Cone Penetration Testing group and the Seismic Cone Penetration Testing (SCPT) group.  Please consider joining either or both groups by clicking on the hyperlink.     

Geomil Equipment BV (www.geomil.com) is a Dutch company that specializes in the design and fabrication of Cone Penetration Test equipment used in geotechnical site investigations.

The company, formerly known as GMF Gouda, was the world’s first manufacturer of CPT equipment in 1932. To date it has over 70 years experience with high quality CPT, static sounding and penetrometer equipment, and the quality of their products is recognized around the world.

In early 2006 Geomil and VMS agreed to form VMS-Geomil to better serve Geomil's North and South American clients.
For more information please contact VMS-Geomil (ph: (903) 216 5372 or e-mail: vms-geomil@verbeekservices.com)).

BCE (www.bcengineers.com) specializes in seismic systems design, which incorporates seismic sensor instrumentation, signal conditioning, digital signal processing (DSP) and general software engineering.

The company provides customized and state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions for a variety of seismic engineering applications in the geotechnical industry (such as the interpretation of seismic CPT data in accordance with ASTM standard D-7400) as well as in the oil & gas industry.

In 2009 BCE and VMS entered into a strategic alliance, which allows BCE to focus their attention on product development and training of their clients in the use of that equipment, while VMS provides marketing and sales support, making full use of their extensive contacts, not only in the geotechnical service industry, but also in the oil & gas industry.

For more information please contact VMS-BCE (ph: (903) 216 5372 or e-mail: vms-bce@verbeekservices.com).

Allnamics (www.allnamics.eu) provides Professional Pile Testing and Geotechnical Monitoring services, incl.:

  • Sonic Integrity Testing (SIT)
  • Vibration monitoring (Vibra)
  • Pile Driving Analysis (PDA)
  • Dynamic Load Testing (DLT)
  • Rapid Load Testing (STN)
  • Wave Equation Programs, incl. signal matching for SIT and DLT, as well as pile driving prediction (based on the TNOWAVE method of characteristics

For more information please contact VMS (ph: (903) 939 1168 or e-mail: vms-@verbeekservices.com).

Smart Structures Inc. (www.smart-structures-inc.com) is a global leader in wireless Embedded Data Collector (EDC) solutions precast into concrete.  These solutions improve the quality of bridge pilings and deep foundations and can dramatically alter the cost and time dynamics of traditional test pile programs by enabling real time testing of all foundation elements.  With the SmartPile® system, it is now possible to improve quality control during construction and reduce the required raw materials and time required for pile installation. This not only benefits the Bridge designer, but the building contractor who can eliminate the cost and delays of a Test Pile program almost entirely.

In 2009 VMS entered into an agreement with Smart Structures to manage their User Certification Program.

For more information please contact VMS (p: (903) 939 1168 or e-mail: vms@verbeekservices.com)