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Very few managerial issues are new: others have experienced them before and ways to address these issues most effectively have not only been found, but also documented.  VMS has the knowledge and experience to assist you with your managerial issues:  the knowledge of which solutions are available for particular problems and the experience to know which of these solutions would provide the optimal outcome for your organization.

Many projects are executed without a formal Project Management System in place, often because the project is considered too small. This is unfortunate because the outcome of a project is largely determined by the quality of the project management. VMS can assist your company with the implementation of appropriate project management systems to make your projects more successful.

Management systems routinely used by large corporations can be very useful to smaller companies as well, but they are not always applied. VMS can help you implement these systems within your organization.

Setting up a new company and growing that business is a challenging task. Gerald Verbeek, President of VMS, was directly involved in starting an engineering and construction business from scratch. This start-up would grow within 10 years into a company with an annual revenue of $ 250 million, more than 600 staff and offices on 3 continents. This experience can be applied to many companies and assist the management of these firms in successfully growing their business.

Companies often fail to take full advantage of opportunities outside the United States, often because of language and cultural differences that form barriers limiting (or sometimes even precluding) success in international activities. VMS can assist in overcoming these differences, which will improve the success of any international activity your company may consider.